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About Patrick L. Schmidt
Patrick L Schmidt
Patrick Schmidt, founder of AGCC, was raised in Los Angeles and holds degrees in Psychology (California State University) and French Literature (l'Université de Strasbourg). He began his professional career in Germany and has since lived in Malaysia, Canada, and Austria.

A pragmatic seminar-leader and intercultural trainer for over a quarter-century, he's worked at the highest levels in companies such as DaimlerChrysler, Bertelsmann, RWE, Porsche and KPMG. In addition to being a German-American relations expert, he has a detailed understanding of international business strategy formulation, cross-cultural transfer of management methods and multinational team cooperation.
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He's also written extensively in both the business and intercultural fields, having spent 11 years as editor-in-chief of the Daimler-Benz magazine New Report before launching the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce’s MGCC Quarterly. In 1999 he published the book Understanding American and German Business Cultures (available in German as Die amerikanische und deutsche Wirtschaftskultur im Vergleich), which has become a standard reference for Porsche, Bertelsmann, DaimlerChrysler, Motorola-Germany and Lufthansa among others.
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End of 2007, he wrote his second book, entitled In Search of Intercultural Understanding. It is a general overview of intercultural issues, offering insights and practical advice on adjusting and coping with new cultures and experiences abroad. Beginning 2014, his third book was published, Dancing to a Different Tune, a collection of interviews, essays and commentaries on the intercultural experience.
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He's an active member of SIETAR (The society for intercultural education, training and research) and served as President of SIETAR-Europa. He is currently the editor-in-chief of the SIETAR-Europa journal and writes a blog on cultural experiences:

Patrick Schmidt currently lives in Strasbourg.
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Schwarz Pharma
DA Wien
Bearing Point
Magna Steyr
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Read what clients say
I can only recommend the seminar 'Understanding American and German Business Cultures'. The higher awareness we acquired about our American colleagues can be implemented to a high degree and is very helpful in our day-to-day operations, something which I can't claim about other seminars. As the seminar is done completely in English by an American facilitator who has lived 20 years in Germany, it presents a fantastic forum for many practical applications as well as intercultural interaction.

Hans Schick
Foundry in Mannheim – Daimler AG
Manager of Controlling and Accounting

Through the choice of his topics and his didactic manner, Mr. Schmidt skillfully and individually constructed the intensive courses and conversations, which contributed considerably to the learning effect… I can very much recommend him for this type of task and similar activities.

Manfred Remmel
Magna Steyr
(Former) Chairman of the Board

Patrick Schmidt understands magnificently how to transform the requirements and wishes of the client in a most practical way. The sessions with him were a lot of fun.

Ulrich Köster
Kaufhof AG
Member of the Board – Personnel

We have just received the seminar assessment sheets. It confirms again the extraordinarily good feedback you already received at the end of the seminar.

Sabin Bürkle
Bertelsmann AG
Corporate Human Resources – International Assignments

The collaboration with him was extremely enjoyable. He formulated the lesson in a very personal way… was very flexible when it came to the desires of the clientI can very much recommend working together with Mr. Schmidt.

Jürgen Gembus
Debis AG
Member of the Board (retired)